Innovative ordering channel

The rebutton allows orders by pressing a button

The core of the rebutton concept is making a physical button avaiable that can automatically place an ordner at a participating online store by pressing the button using wifi.

While the Amazon Dash Button only allows shopping in the Amazon Shop the rebutton concept goes one large step further.

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The rebutton App

Tap it. Get it.

With the rebutton App users can easily create "virtual" rebutton with arbitrary products from participating online shops and manage them in one app. With the slogan "Tap it. Get it." users can order those products with one single "Tap".

You can add a virtual rebutton with ease. In the first step the user can choose between all participating web shops. After this decision the user receives the full list of products that was enabled as rebutton products by shop owner.

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The reference: The Amazon Dash Button

dash button

As the internet giant Amazon presented its Amazon Dash Button on April 1, 2015, many believed in an april fools joke.

Meanwhile, Prime-US customers can choose between 29 different brands and can cinfgure their Dash button with about 500 different products and it's just a matter of time until the IoT-wave comes to Europe.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the trend taht traditional PCs are disappearing and are replaced by smart devices. Not only by portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, but by everyday objects, which are quipped with embedded processors, sensors and network technology.

In 2020 over 25 billion devices worldwide will be connected to the Internet - PCs, tablets and smartphones not even included. This represents an increase of over 400% or in other words: The number of IoT devices will increase fivefold in just 5 years.

Source:  Gartner

Committing your customers

will become more and more important

Participation with rebutton will generate a great convenience aspect for the reorder for consumer products and is a very smart solution to commit your customers as well.

An innovative technical gadget wich is branded to your company or activity creates permanently brand presence.

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